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How PHENOBASE will quickly bring together clinicians, researchers and manufacturers in the cognitive behavioral sciences

  • PHENOBASE is an online knowledge platform for clinicians and researchers doing preclinical research in neurology and psychiatry
  • PHENOBASE provides clinicians and researchers a structured review of literature in neuropsychiatric disorders, their symptoms, and the tests used in preclinical animal models
  • PHENOBASE combines a detailed overview of materials and methods, and therewith provides relevant product offers from manufacturing companies
  • PHENOBASE is key for simultaneously accessing current comprehensive specialist literature and method descriptions; it also serves as a guide for behavioral phenotyping of transgenic and knockout mouse models

How researchers can use PHENOBASE

PHENOBASE gives structure to diseases and their symptoms with preclinical animal models and links them with material and method components

  • PHENOBASE minimizes time needed in scientific research of literature, related material and method selection
  • PHENOBASE gives researchers a structured orientation, optimising the research and work processes
  • PHENOBASE enables researchers to customize an account with a platform to complement their own data. Researchers can share information in a forum for animal models, experimental adaptation possibilities, problems and analyses
  • PHENOBASE, experts regularly update and evaluate data to ensure that high-quality data can continuously be obtained by its members

Your personal benefit as a manufacturer

Clinicians and researchers can find, with minimal administrative effort, your online catalog on an integrative interface. With PHENOBASE, your products are only a few clicks away. What advantages does that give you as a manufacturer?

  • An increased visibility of your products through the direct connection to PHENOBASE
  • Temporal and potential monetary savings with the sales approach and distribution of your products
  • With the possibility of accessing (customer feedback) from the direct marketing research of PHENOBASE, you can promptly respond and address the needs of your customer